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Already a little break in postings….I guess summer will do that to you 🙂 We had two absolutely perfect beach days that we thoroughly enjoyed, and a couple rainy days. On the rainy days, we chose to take advantage of a couple free or incredibly cheap activities around town.  We hit the movies at our State Theatre on Wednesday to see Forrest Gump, and thursday to see Morning Light. Both were only 25cents. How great is that? We usually don’t get popcorn or pop either, since we go weekly. I did treat them to a pop and popcorn on Thursday though! Morning Light was a GREAT movie. My kids loved it. It is a movie put on by Roy Disney about a group of college age students picked to sail the TransPac race from California to Hawaii. It was interesting, and some of the shots were just beautiful how could it not be? Sunrises and sunsets from the middle of the pacific ocean, lovely.

We dog-sat a couple weekends ago, and the kids each received a $10 giftcard to the book store. It was just Isabella and I this afternoon, so we headed to pick out her books. She picked 2 of the Airy Fairy pet series, and she is excited to read them. I will take the other 2 kids individually as well. Seems to work out good that way.

Well, we have another busy week coming up with Vacation Bible School each morning, and Brandon has soccer camp each afternoon. It is also the week of the Traverse City Film Festival, for which I have volunteered. I can’t wait! Also, each night they have a free PG movie at the open space, with one of the big blow up screens. Always lots of fun. They are playing Hair, Big, the Goonies and couple others.

Later next week, I will be doing some more reviews on kids clothing and more accessories for school…stay tuned.


p.s. I oddly haven’t used my camera at all this week…so no pics.

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Back to School already????

…well not quite yet. My kids still have about 50 days til school starts, and as much as I don’t want to think about it…I did mention in my last post that I AM a planner. I like to make informed decisions and not running-around-with-my-head-cut-off-last-minute decisions. I try to be earth friendly in all my choices. Companies have been making it easier to choose “eco-friendly” items. Though, it is hard to tell just HOW eco-friendly these items are. I mean, come on, even if they are completely recycleable, and recycled, how can it be really eco-friendly when it is made in China and distributed here in Northern Michigan??? How is it made? Where is made? What is it made out of? Those are just some of the questions I have about “eco-friendly-ness”. Unfortunately there is a whole bunch of items made in China, that claim to be eco-friendly. I plan to showcase a bunch of items from now until school starts, and I will tell you just where they are made, and what makes them eco-friendly! Then, I would like to do a giveaway of some of those supplies. How about it???? The first item I have to show is… Ecojot. I love their folders and notebooks. They are great. I was able to pick some up at Target last year, but you can check them out at ecojot.comecojotnotebooknaturalecojotnotebooks 

The ecojot website states that their products are made out of 100% recycled paper, and their inks and glues are all vegetable based which means they are biodegradeable. From what I can tell on their website, the product hails from Canada. All of their products are incredibly cute.

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Rainy Day Activities

I am one who likes to be prepared. I like that when there is a rainy day, I have something ready for the kids to do that is fun and engaging. Otherwise, tv and electronic games are where they are, and it really just makes a miserable day for all. So, I came up with a great idea. I have made rainy day activity cards. I read many blogs in bloglines, and I “keep new” a WHOLE lot of them. I decided to go through and find some easy crafts that I had kept new, and transfer them on to cardstock cards, like recipe cards. All the ones I have done so far have been easy activities with stuff laying around. I don’t want to have activities that require a lot of things, and I would prefer not to have to go out and buy them at the last minute. I have a checklist of what’s needed for each activity, so that if I am out and say have a 40% off coupon at Michaels or JoAnns, I can pick some things up. So far we have done 2 of the activities…cornstarch clay and marbleizing paper. Here are a couple pictures of what we did, and all three of my kids loved the activities. Sometimes it can be hard to entertain 7,9, & 11 year olds.


RainyDayActivityAshleypaperRainyDayActivitiesIsabellaRainy Day Activities 002

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Cherry Festival 2009

Every year, Traverse City has its annual Cherry Festival. We always attend. There are 2 parades, a kid’s parade, and a large parade, fireworks, rides, activities and more. This year, my youngest {Isabella} was on the school float. Each school has a float, and every year, they pick a first grade prince, and princess. One of Isabella’s best friends was chosen as our schools princess, so Isabella wanted to be on the float. She rode the float in both parades, and Ashley rode in the kid’s parade. We didn’t ride any rides this year, because we had just gone to Disney World in June. We did join in lots of activities though, we made cherry pies {well the kids did}, participated in Green Day, and rode the bus out to a cherry farm, and taste-tested lots of different cherry things. Cherry Festival 2009


It was lots of fun…more pictures to follow….

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The Weather…

It is a rainy day today, so we are getting ready to watch a movie that I picked up from the library yesterday…


We picked up a few books on stars and the universe also. A couple weeks ago, we visited the observatory and the kids loved to see the moon, and the stars and even Saturn.

After the movie we are going to work on our field guides with the tree books we got from the library, so next week we can take the field guides and go on hike to check out the trees of Northern Michigan.

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Happy Independence Day!!!!

Hope you all are having a terrific 4th! We will be heading downtown to see the fireworks tonight. Today was also the start of the annual Cherry Festival, so there will be plenty of fun activities around town this week!   Happy 4th

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to my blog! I am a mom of 3 children. They are ages 7,9,11. We love to do stuff as a family, especially fun little projects. Most of the blogs I read, are geared toward smaller children and activities for toddlers. I am hoping to document my life with my 3 children and the activities we do that are for their ages. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to leave a comment if there is anything you want to see!

🙂 Lindsey

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