Rainy Day Activities

19 Jul

I am one who likes to be prepared. I like that when there is a rainy day, I have something ready for the kids to do that is fun and engaging. Otherwise, tv and electronic games are where they are, and it really just makes a miserable day for all. So, I came up with a great idea. I have made rainy day activity cards. I read many blogs in bloglines, and I “keep new” a WHOLE lot of them. I decided to go through and find some easy crafts that I had kept new, and transfer them on to cardstock cards, like recipe cards. All the ones I have done so far have been easy activities with stuff laying around. I don’t want to have activities that require a lot of things, and I would prefer not to have to go out and buy them at the last minute. I have a checklist of what’s needed for each activity, so that if I am out and say have a 40% off coupon at Michaels or JoAnns, I can pick some things up. So far we have done 2 of the activities…cornstarch clay and marbleizing paper. Here are a couple pictures of what we did, and all three of my kids loved the activities. Sometimes it can be hard to entertain 7,9, & 11 year olds.


RainyDayActivityAshleypaperRainyDayActivitiesIsabellaRainy Day Activities 002

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