25 Jul

Already a little break in postings….I guess summer will do that to you 🙂 We had two absolutely perfect beach days that we thoroughly enjoyed, and a couple rainy days. On the rainy days, we chose to take advantage of a couple free or incredibly cheap activities around town.  We hit the movies at our State Theatre on Wednesday to see Forrest Gump, and thursday to see Morning Light. Both were only 25cents. How great is that? We usually don’t get popcorn or pop either, since we go weekly. I did treat them to a pop and popcorn on Thursday though! Morning Light was a GREAT movie. My kids loved it. It is a movie put on by Roy Disney about a group of college age students picked to sail the TransPac race from California to Hawaii. It was interesting, and some of the shots were just beautiful how could it not be? Sunrises and sunsets from the middle of the pacific ocean, lovely.

We dog-sat a couple weekends ago, and the kids each received a $10 giftcard to the book store. It was just Isabella and I this afternoon, so we headed to pick out her books. She picked 2 of the Airy Fairy pet series, and she is excited to read them. I will take the other 2 kids individually as well. Seems to work out good that way.

Well, we have another busy week coming up with Vacation Bible School each morning, and Brandon has soccer camp each afternoon. It is also the week of the Traverse City Film Festival, for which I have volunteered. I can’t wait! Also, each night they have a free PG movie at the open space, with one of the big blow up screens. Always lots of fun. They are playing Hair, Big, the Goonies and couple others.

Later next week, I will be doing some more reviews on kids clothing and more accessories for school…stay tuned.


p.s. I oddly haven’t used my camera at all this week…so no pics.

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