Good Morning!

28 Jan

Things are a-changing around here…most important being that I am actually going to post here! YAY!

This week has been so incredibly cold. Well, today is the coldest. I felt so very bad for Ashley who had to stand out and wait for the bus this morning. I stand outside with her, and brrr it was cold. Well, I should say I stand in our driveway while she stands at the bus stop about 1/15th of a mile away. Last night we were feeling the cold too, so Brandon and I whipped up some hot cocoa from scratch, added a little whip cream and some pink sprinkles and it was delish! We were going to make some homemade marshmallows to go along with it, but they are so time consuming that I really didn’t feel like doing it. Maybe this weekend. I am happy to not have to go into work on Saturday. Instead, I am taking Isabella to the library to see a little piece of the ballet “The Princess Peony”. Ashley and I are going to make some bread {and butter}  from scratch and I would like to make pasta, but I am really trying to lose weight! So far I have lost 30 pounds, and unfortunately still have a bit to go, and with weigh ins each week…well, I can’t eat too much 🙂

Next week I am going to do a little bit of shopping…I am sooooo excited.

I am going to pick up a new camera, because my point & shoot pretty much bit the dust. I need to take it in because it is not even a year old. My film camera is, well, film. Not very conducive to blogging and working digitally. I am going to pick up this little beauty…


not top of the line, but it will work well for me. I already have different lenses that will fit into it, because it’s pretty much the same as my film camera!

I wish I was picking up this as well…


It’s a lot less expensive than I thought though. I am not one to buy first edition items, it looks nice. I think I am going to get the ipod touch though!

Alrighty…coming up::pics & recipes for hot cocoa from scratch and some more fun things…

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One response to “Good Morning!

  1. writtenbyachild

    February 4, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    iam wanting an ipad too but i also have to get an ipod touch which are still pretty cool.


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