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that is what I am!!!! I have been working and working and working. I am kinda tired of it to be honest! But oh well! By the time I get home, I don’t want to do anything. It’s hard enough keeping up with 3 kids, and everything that goes along with that! But I promised more pictures, so here they are…

maple syrup from my Grandpa’s farm

I took lots of pictures but I won’t bother you with them all. It was definitely a beautiful day, and I’m excited to go back there on Sunday for Easter. It is Spring Break for my kids, but definitely not for me. I am working every single day except Easter, and this Friday. I took the day off to head downstate to see the Detroit Pistons play. We are trying to find something else to do while we are down there. We won’t have all day, so we can’t go far or do something too time consuming. I will let you know what we decide. Tomorrow, I at least have the morning off, well most of the day. I work 6-10pm. We are thinking of going to see the free movie at the State Theatre, if the kids like it. {can’t remember what the movie at 10am is.} We also need to figure out my darn license plates for my van. When I bought it, they only added the fee for the rest of the “year” until mine expired. Well that was only a month after I bought it, and I have not gotten anything in the mail to renew my plates…and I plum forgot about it!!!! Ugh.

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Happy Birthday….

to me 🙂 , and my little {big} girl…Ashley, and to Spring 🙂

I have to say…turning thirty has been pretty good! I spent the day with family. What could be better than that?

Every March we go to brunch with my mom’s side of the family to celebrate all the March birthdays and anniversaries. This is the only month that we do that, I am guessing because it is the only month with lots of birthdays and anniversaries. This year, it happened to land on my birthday. So we met up for brunch and then went to my Grandpa’s farm. I love it there. Above is some of the kids playing on the trampoline. See the windmill behind them? It’s really close {on my Grandpa’s property…I think he has 3-5 of them now} and really big.

My Uncle lives across the street {well across the dirt road ;)} with his family. This is their trampoline. They also have lots of animals. I don’t even know who’s animals are who’s. It is always fun to visit with the animals.

They have lots of rabbits. Here is Isabella petting one of them. They also have chickens, roosters and turkeys. Isabella, and her 2nd cousins {???} Chloie and Carissa got to go collect the eggs. They found 4 or 5 brown eggs, and Isabella found a green egg!!!!

It is just nice and refreshing to be there! I have lots more pictures to share, so I will post some more tomorrow.

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Start of a new week…

Good Monday Morning 🙂

I can say that because my kids are not awake yet!

I had the day off yesterday {YAY!} and Isabella and I baked some chocolate chip cookies. It was lots of fun, and very yummy too. We made 2 batches, one of which she is taking to school today to share. But we used two different kind of chocolate chips, and their own respective recipes. The recipes weren’t too different. Just a little bit less of this, or more of that.

This was from when Isabella and I got cookies and hot cocoa from the Jacques Torres Store.

We had a pretty good weekend. I only worked Saturday from 11-4. So, I was home Saturday night. On my way home, I stopped and picked up a movie. We watched Hachi, which is like the saddest movie ever. Isabella can’t decide if Marley was sadder, or Hachi was. Because in Marley, the dog dies and in Hachi, the owner dies. Very sad, and we all totally cried!

Sunday, being daylight savings time, I made sure all my kids were up at a decent time. {I only had to wake Ashley up, and that was at 9am…which is early for her on a weekend} We went to bed at about 9pm, too. So, we should be fine as far as keeping up with the regular bed times and regular wake times. Which makes me happy. We watched  a much happier, and lighter movie on Sunday…Planet 51. No crying for that one

I am trying to get some spring cleaning done, and I started last week with my scrapbook storage. Then, Friday morning, I totally cleaned out the entry way, which is the collection spot for ALL things! I even got on my knees and washed and dried the tile. I was very proud of myself. I just need to get to the other corner in the living room that needs some major help. Mostly because it’s all toys that my kids have grown out of, but it is hard to get back there. I am going to work on it throughout the week, then I have Friday off, so I will totally clean it out then. I want to make it a little reading nook, I think. I would like to have 3 of them through out the house, so that each kid can have a cozy spot to read. Maybe I will make a bean bag for it, too. It is such a great little spot, by a window, with a floor to ceiling book case. It’ll be nice. It’ll take a lot of work because there are a TON of books back there. Most of them, though are littler kids books. I will go through them and figure out what to do with them, through out the week. I can have the kids help me too because they will have time on their hands with no tv/computer. There is also a little bench with some drawers, that might be better utilized in another area of the house. I think I just need to get my thoughts together, and make a plan, get rid of some things and get it all put together.

I should have time tonight too! I have this super stellar cookbook called the 9×13 cookbook. (I think by Better Homes & Gardens) and I love it! I can not cook, whatsoever. I can not just come up with things to cook. With this cookbook, not only can I cook, but I can actually make stuff the kids will eat! It’s a win-win situation. Last night I made one, that the kids love called Italian Crescent Casserole. Basically it is hamburger, with pasta sauce, layered with a mixture of mozzarella and sourcream, then layer on a sheet of the crescent rolls, and top with a tiny bit of melted butter, then Parmesan cheese. Super yummy! Well, I didn’t have pasta sauce, so I had to run up to the store, and I decided that I will get stuff for Monday night dinner as well. Another tried and true recipe, the Mexican Chicken something or other. So, while I was getting Sunday nights dinner ready, I got Monday nights ready as well! All I have to do is put it in the oven.

Alrighty, time to get Ashley to the bus, the other kids ready for school {and take them to school} and head to the civic center for my 2 miles before work.
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Countdown to Thirty…

In less than two weeks, SEVEN days, I will be having a monumental birthday! I will be turning the big 3-0. Yuppers, I will be officially in my 30’s. And guess what? I am excited! I don’t feel like I am getting old by any means.  I should feel like I am getting old. In a few short days my oldest turns TWELVE. Yikes {I will give you a minute to do the math….yup, I am a young mom~but wouldn’t change it for the world!} But point is…Thirty doesn’t feel old.

I am good at coming up with things to do, just not actually doing them! I am the dreamer, not the doer. I have so many things to dream up & no time to do them all. One thing I wanted to do was a list of 30 things to do before I am 30. Well, I would have to make that list of things that I have already done, or simple things that I could do in SEVEN days. Not so easy. So here, I will start my own list:: Thirty things that I want to do while I am 30! How does that sound? Fabulous, I do think! I don’t have a full list yet, but as I think of things, I shall add it here.

1. Take a yoga class.

2. Take a ballet class.

3. Run 6+ 5ks.

4. Teach my kids how to make homemade bread & butter, and homemade pasta.

5. Take my kids to the UP.

6. Take a photography class.


…I can’t think of anything else right now. I will have to come back to this!


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Sickness has reached our house. Isabella was sick on Friday {of course when she was over at a friends house} and Brandon got sick on Tuesday night. Ashley and I both got sick Wednesday morning. It hasn’t been fun. Especially for me, because I took the longest to recover from it, and my tummy is still a little rumbly–though I can eat now. YAY!

So far, our week 1 with limited tv and computer has worked and without a single complaint, I must add. The only exception I made was Wednesday…they were fine with no computer, but since I was sooo sick, I didn’t ever bother to tell them to turn off the tv. I really didn’t stick to my guns on limiting it to 1/2 hour per person. But oh well. I am just happy that no one has had a problem with the schedule. I have even been asked what the schedule is for next week!

Tonight was Art Night at Isabella’s school. Bummer, that we were there for only 20 minutes and were really tired when we got there. It’s theme was recycled art. Now, I am a fan of recycling and a fan of art. But recycled art, is definitely not my thing. I enjoyed looking at it, it was fun to see some of the super neat things that the kids came up with. I am just not a big fan, and wouldn’t go out to look for recycled art. {I am sure there are some fantastic things out there, I just can’t stand the things made with milk jugs and old plastic containers and the likes…just my opinion!} However, Isabella is a super-fan of recycled art. We were only able to stay a little bit, because Isabella also had choir tonight. Why is it that everything lands on the same night? The only commitments we have going right now are Isabella’s choir rehearsals every Thursday night, and her Brownies on every other Tuesday, right after school. That’s it, for right now. It seems that everything is falling on a Thursday night.

Well, this Thursday night is almost over so that means I should head to bed! I don’t have a picture to post because I guess I haven’t uploaded any new ones. Maybe I haven’t even taken any new ones..oh yes, I did. At least some of Brandon at his basketball camp last weekend. But my camera is locked up in the van & it is  currently pouring rain outside, so I am not going to run outside for it. Have a good night, and I will be back in the morning.


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A couple weekends ago, we spent a few days house/pet sitting for a friend. It was a snowy weekend, and we spent a lot of time outside sledding. I was afraid to take my new camera out there in the snow, since I was having a hard time walking through the over-the-knee-deep snow!

We also stayed inside for a little bit too and worked on a project that I have wanted to try for quite a while! Felted balls. I didn’t have very much wool roving, because I just wanted to try it out first. Definitely a keeper! Now I need to stock up on it.

this is during the process

Brandon working on his felted ball


It was really a lot of fun. They turned out quite little because of the small amount of wool roving I had. I really would like to get some more and do some bigger ones, and make them into the planets. I think that would be fun!

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The kids and I started this book last night. I picked it up a week or so ago at our local bookstore, Horizon Books. I love that book store and could spend hours in there! {and I have spent hours in there!} This version of it, has some wonderfully beautiful illustrations in it! I just can’t get over them. We only got a couple pages into it, but the kids have really enjoyed it, and we are leading up to go see the movie over Spring Break!

Last night, we also started some ‘positives’. I feel like things always tend to get negative here, and I do not like it. So, I set up a jar and every night at dinner we are going to write “One Good Thing We Did Today” and before bed, we are going to write “One Nice Thing About Me” {not all about ME, but each one of them, about themselves.} I hope it will help them realize how great they are! Tonight starts our first night with no tv. They did watch some yesterday, but did a very good job at limiting it! Brandon even went outside to shoot some hoops in this beautiful spring weather we are having! I however, was exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything when I got home. I was able to get in 2 miles at the Civic Center yesterday morning, though. That felt really good! And I am planning to do it again this morning before work.


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