08 Mar

I feel like I am always thinking, and coming up with plans, to be better and help my kids be better. But when  it comes to it, none of those ideas come to fruition because I am always just thinking up more things. One thing, I have been trying to do is to cut back on tv. I don’t watch tv all that often. But my kids are glued, and I hate that. So, I have been limiting it, and doing a good job. But, bit by bit, I am going to work on eliminating it! Well, as much as it can be. This week, I have chosen Tuesday and Thursday to TURN OFF THE TV. That means no tv on those days 🙂 {the rest of the week it will be off by dinner time, and it will be limited to a show per person. The other thing that the kids {well Brandon mostly} need to cut back is on the computer! So, we will work that in to the equation as well. I really need to cut down on computer time, as well. I am going to work on eliminating it from my time when the kids are at home and awake.

I was going through the blogs I read {and I read ALOT!} and I came across a new-to-me blog the other day. I was reading it and came across this post.. and I just thought, “that is exactly how I feel!” My kids turn so grumpy and moody when they have days where they watch tv. They can’t sit still on the commercials and it turns into a fight. I don’t like it one bit. So, we are going to go through a process. It will be a big job on my part because, well frankly I can not follow through on anything 😦 So, it should take 21days to make this a habit. Here is what I am going to do…. {we will go for 4 weeks}

Week one:: No TV on Tuesday and Thursday {limit other days to 1 show per person on the other days.} No computer on Wednesday, limit other days to 1/2 hour computer time.

Week two::No TV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday {limit for other days above…} & No computer on Tuesday and Thursday {limit other days above}.

Week Three:: No TV Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; No computer on Monday; Tuesday and Wednesday.

Week four:: No TV on the weekdays {Monday through Friday} & No computer Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I left the weekends off, because I am working usually and as much as I would like to say NO TV, my parents {who watch the kids while I am at work} would probably not follow through.

Now the exception I will make is using the wii. But I think what I am going to do is also limit the wii to rainy or other foul weather days. That feels good to have a plan, and I will try my hardest to stick to it!

Wish me luck 😉

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