10 Mar

A couple weekends ago, we spent a few days house/pet sitting for a friend. It was a snowy weekend, and we spent a lot of time outside sledding. I was afraid to take my new camera out there in the snow, since I was having a hard time walking through the over-the-knee-deep snow!

We also stayed inside for a little bit too and worked on a project that I have wanted to try for quite a while! Felted balls. I didn’t have very much wool roving, because I just wanted to try it out first. Definitely a keeper! Now I need to stock up on it.

this is during the process

Brandon working on his felted ball


It was really a lot of fun. They turned out quite little because of the small amount of wool roving I had. I really would like to get some more and do some bigger ones, and make them into the planets. I think that would be fun!

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  1. aastricker

    March 11, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Planets would be cool . . . How very Montessori of you!


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