12 Mar

Sickness has reached our house. Isabella was sick on Friday {of course when she was over at a friends house} and Brandon got sick on Tuesday night. Ashley and I both got sick Wednesday morning. It hasn’t been fun. Especially for me, because I took the longest to recover from it, and my tummy is still a little rumbly–though I can eat now. YAY!

So far, our week 1 with limited tv and computer has worked and without a single complaint, I must add. The only exception I made was Wednesday…they were fine with no computer, but since I was sooo sick, I didn’t ever bother to tell them to turn off the tv. I really didn’t stick to my guns on limiting it to 1/2 hour per person. But oh well. I am just happy that no one has had a problem with the schedule. I have even been asked what the schedule is for next week!

Tonight was Art Night at Isabella’s school. Bummer, that we were there for only 20 minutes and were really tired when we got there. It’s theme was recycled art. Now, I am a fan of recycling and a fan of art. But recycled art, is definitely not my thing. I enjoyed looking at it, it was fun to see some of the super neat things that the kids came up with. I am just not a big fan, and wouldn’t go out to look for recycled art. {I am sure there are some fantastic things out there, I just can’t stand the things made with milk jugs and old plastic containers and the likes…just my opinion!} However, Isabella is a super-fan of recycled art. We were only able to stay a little bit, because Isabella also had choir tonight. Why is it that everything lands on the same night? The only commitments we have going right now are Isabella’s choir rehearsals every Thursday night, and her Brownies on every other Tuesday, right after school. That’s it, for right now. It seems that everything is falling on a Thursday night.

Well, this Thursday night is almost over so that means I should head to bed! I don’t have a picture to post because I guess I haven’t uploaded any new ones. Maybe I haven’t even taken any new ones..oh yes, I did. At least some of Brandon at his basketball camp last weekend. But my camera is locked up in the van & it is  currently pouring rain outside, so I am not going to run outside for it. Have a good night, and I will be back in the morning.


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2 responses to “sickness…

  1. ashley

    March 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    well look at this recycled art its beautiful!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. aastricker

    March 12, 2010 at 8:38 am

    For the most part, I agree with you about the recycled art. But, did you see the wine bottle lamps RecycleChicken had? I liked those. Hope you feel better soon!


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