30 Mar

that is what I am!!!! I have been working and working and working. I am kinda tired of it to be honest! But oh well! By the time I get home, I don’t want to do anything. It’s hard enough keeping up with 3 kids, and everything that goes along with that! But I promised more pictures, so here they are…

maple syrup from my Grandpa’s farm

I took lots of pictures but I won’t bother you with them all. It was definitely a beautiful day, and I’m excited to go back there on Sunday for Easter. It is Spring Break for my kids, but definitely not for me. I am working every single day except Easter, and this Friday. I took the day off to head downstate to see the Detroit Pistons play. We are trying to find something else to do while we are down there. We won’t have all day, so we can’t go far or do something too time consuming. I will let you know what we decide. Tomorrow, I at least have the morning off, well most of the day. I work 6-10pm. We are thinking of going to see the free movie at the State Theatre, if the kids like it. {can’t remember what the movie at 10am is.} We also need to figure out my darn license plates for my van. When I bought it, they only added the fee for the rest of the “year” until mine expired. Well that was only a month after I bought it, and I have not gotten anything in the mail to renew my plates…and I plum forgot about it!!!! Ugh.

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  1. aastricker

    March 31, 2010 at 10:14 am

    My tags are expired too! I don’t think they ever mailed me anything and for some reason I thought they were in Adam’s name but they aren’t and now the month is over and I still don’t have stickers. Aargh! Your pics are adorable; love the goats. Hope the Pistons win for you. Tell Stuckey I love him. 🙂


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