last week::spring break

06 Apr

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day {so I have heard…I haven’t actually checked the weather yet}.  I woke up early, but not so early today. About 6:30am, which seems early, but I am usually up at 5:30am. Anyways…I always try to sleep in, but when I can’t, I always remember why it is so beautiful to be up so early. It is quiet, and it is me time. {which I do not get often, because most nights I go to bed at the same time as the kids} It is so nice to have my cup of tea, read my blogs, and take some notes. Which is exactly what I did this morning. I LOVE reading blogs. I read all my blogs in bloglines, and I have them separated by categories. It makes it easy to find things (kinda) and if I just want to read a few crafty ones, or a few parenting ones, I can just go to that section. I love the crafty ones. It’s fun to see what other people make and what I need to add to my to-do list. I like finding new books to add to my list, and see pretty pictures. I try not to spend too much time on it… but I currently read 267 of them. Yikes. I go through every once in a while, and weed out the ones that haven’t updated in a while, or ones that I thought I really enjoyed, but no longer do. But then I click here and there, and find lots of new ones, I want to add to my list.

Since I can’t seem to upload pictures to my computer this morning, I am going to hang on to this little post, and make it grow throughout the day! Hopefully I will get some good pictures and be able to upload them!

reading my blogs::drinking my tea::taking notes

working on my baggies

taking my $4 straight leg jeans into a pair of capris with cute color

mixin’ up some pancake mix for breakfast

mmmmm mmmmm yummy pancakes

it was 80 some degrees out::had to make sure I had my water!

ashley & isabella chose to watch mamma mia on the way to the library

at the library train

by the water::it was breezy but still oh-so nice!

I just really wished that it wouldn’t have been my only day to be with the kids. {and even then, I went to work at 6pm} blah! I hate retail hours. 😦 Anywho…we had great weather, and tried to be outside enjoying it.


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2 responses to “last week::spring break

  1. aastricker

    April 6, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    It was lovely weather, wasn’t it?? I have my blogs set up in Google reader, but I don’t have quite as many as you. 🙂 You’re in there though. The bags are cute! Is the rooster one for me??? I still want four, but I think the syrup is gonna be a no-go.

    • lifefullofwhimsy

      April 7, 2010 at 8:31 am

      It was beautiful weather! I knocked it down from 267 to 215 blogs that I read 🙂 I have mine set up in bloglines. The rooster one is for you! I thought it would be perfect. I am just trying to get them all completed before my mom goes on vacation {she is sewing the velcro on, because my little machine just doesn’t work that great}. But it is in my pile to “clean up” {cut all the threads & whatnot} then I will bring them to you. No prob on the syrup, I am not sure where it went anyway….


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