Easter Sunday

07 Apr

We went back to my Grandpa’s farm for Easter dinner. I really love it there. Just being outside and walking around. So much fun. This time Brandon and I took a walk around the property, we were gone for a good hour. Talking and walking. Brandon has always had a hard time reading. Well, more of comprehending the stories he has read, and he has always given up on reading before he even starts. For Christmas, I got him the Percy Jackson series. He was like “cool” but then put them on the bookshelf, with the hundreds of other books he has. Well, we were at the movie theatre and the preview came on for the Percy Jackson movie. So, he was real excited, and started to read the book. It took him a very long time to finish it, but he finally did. Since the kids are doing a reading thing, where they read 20 books and get all this stuff for the Beach Bums Baseball stuff, he needed to pick up some quicker reads. While we were at the library last week, I introduced him to the Roald Dahl books. Now, anything you try to get him to do or to read, he will try to say he hates it. But since we just watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, he was all excited about the books and got 4 of the Roald Dahl books. My point to that little story, is he finished both books in 4 days, and while we walked around the farm we talked about them, and it was just so darn nice to do that with him. The girls didn’t want to join us, they stayed and played on the trampoline and visited with the farm animals. We met the new baby chicks that just hatched, sometime in the last 2 weeks. The kids also flew their kites, that the Easter Bunny brought for them. Speaking of the Easter Bunny and the baskets, I only got a picture of the contents of Isabella’s. They were all too quick for me in the morning. I am just so happy that the EB got the memo of bringing a limited amount of candy!!!

this one is Bella’s basket, but they are all almost the same. They all got the kites, and swim goggles. The egg has skittles in it. They each got one of the Doodles books {Brandon got the boys, and Ashley got the girls.} The white thing with the bear on it, is a mini first aid kit, which they all received. Each got a box of nerds, two applesauces and a little pack of gummy bears. The little pot in front is some flowers. {the girls got marigolds or zinnias, and Brandon got tomatoes}. Ashley and Isabella got nail polish, Brandon got deodorant. They each got some kind of lip balm and a little Schleich animal. {Isabella got two little bunnies, Ashley got a swan, and Brandon got a pig}. Then they each got one thing that was different from each other. Ashley got an itunes gift card, Brandon got 2 tech decks and Isabella got a bookmark timer and some earrings that aren’t in the picture. They also got a new outfit as well.

After the kids checked out their Easter Baskets, we headed back to the farm and made sure we brought the kites!

kite flying

more kite flying

@ one of the windmills

checking out the farm animals. I am just uber impressed by this guy!

on the trampoline

visiting the new hatchlings

enjoying the farm and eachother

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We certainly did.

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One response to “Easter Sunday

  1. Amy(Super Healthy Kids)

    April 7, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    The farm looks awesome. I think I really need to get out of town and relax! I’m so glad you shared those pictures.


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