11 Apr

night walk on hull park trail

running backwards

going on a walk at sunset

see the little swan in the bottom left-hand corner?

dinner before the walk…chicken noodle casserole & kale chips.

I tried Kale chips for the first time yesterday & they were not so bad. I am sure I will have them again.


We spent most of the day outdoors today…but I went to use my camera, and forgot to put the battery back in because I was charging it all night. We went to the State Hospital Grounds and just walked. Taking in all the architecture, and visualizing it how it used to be. We also imagined what it would look like after they finished reconstructing it. It is such a beautiful place. We also walked to the barns to see the prize winning cow…Colantha Traverse Walker’s headstone. It was such a nice day. The kids and I were on the hunt to see if we could figure out (and if I could remember where…) the Willow Lake was located there. It was a man-made lake, with a cement edging, and the picture I have of it, has a little boy pushing his little sailboat out into the waters. I think it would be sooooo awesome, if they incorporated that into their renovation. I could just see the kids playing there. Ahhh, I love beautiful places. I have many pictures of the area. But I really wanted to get some today, because I wanted to put together a scavenger hunt type of book. I have a code for a free 8×8 shutterfly book, that ends today or tomorrow, and it would have been fun to make this little book I had in mind!

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