Meal Plan Monday::Outdoor Challenge

12 Apr

Good day! It is Monday, so start of a new series called Meal Plan Monday…though that may be too common, eh?

I am really working hard on making meal plans. I am doing this, because I hate not being prepared, and I want to decrease the amount of food waste. In addition, I want to make more healthy meals. When I ask the kids…”What do you want for dinner?” 9 times out 10 the answer is pizza! Well, 10 times out of 10 for Isabella. Oh, and I also want to minimize the cost of making meals, and with planning well I can make sure to get things on sale, and find coupons for the items as well.

This weeks meal plan is::

Monday:: Tonight we are having home-made mac and cheese. I love mac and cheese, but not so much the boxed kind.

Tonight is about the only night we don’t have plans, and the kids just need to finish up their Reading charts for school.

Tuesday::Mexican chicken casserole {my kids love this!} But this time, I am putting it in the crockpot and then letting them put it into taco shells.

We have a semi busy night Tuesday. Isabella has Brownies right after school until 4:45. She will be “starving” by the time we get home.

Wednesday::panini’s or cold sandwiches

This night, we have a commitment from 5-6. So, I am going to pack a delicious snack that will hold them over. We also may not go home in the in-between time. I am thinking a walk, because there is a trail right behind the place we are going, and bonus…if we are fast…we can make it to the library!
Thursday:: chicken strips

Isabella has choir this night from 6-7, which means an early dinner. Something that will stick with them.

Friday::night out with the kids and their friends, I was planning Pizza, but we are going to do that Sunday. S

Saturday::We will be gone all day. So, I will put together a casserole…Italian Crescent Casserole, that can be put together ahead of time, and then easily popped in the oven when we get home.
Sunday:: Pizza for lunch or dinner, sandwiches the other meal. We are taking a special trip downstate to see some exhibits, and my kids have never been to a Chuck E. Cheese. Wait, neither have I, soooo that is where we are heading.


It is starting to sprinkle now, but while I made dinner, the kids did their own thing outside.

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One response to “Meal Plan Monday::Outdoor Challenge

  1. aastricker

    April 14, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    How about “What’s for Dinner Wednesday”? I was doing a good job of planning last spring but fell off the wagon. Maybe I’ll try again.


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