Outdoor Challenge::Thursday

19 Apr

So much for my meal plan. Well, it has given me a base to start at, and I kinda know where I am going with it. But as with most Thursdays, they are a little difficult. Isabella has choir from 6-7 and on normal days we don’t get home from school until a little after 4pm. Add in now that Ashley has started Tennis, which gets done at 4:30. My plan was to make chicken strips for dinner, but I felt miserable with a cold  and with essentially no time or motivation, we opted for something easy….Make-your-own-sandwiches. Turned out to be a good idea.  After we went to choir, I took the kids to get some ice cream or a slush at Bardon’s {YUM} and we headed to Kid’s Kove, a nearby playground. We had lots of fun, hardly anyone was there because it was starting to sprinkle.

Ashley and her ice cream {a hot fudge sundae}

Isabella chose a slushy for her treat

Brandon also chose a slushy

playing at the playground

Ashley swinging

It was a fun night. It was peaceful because no one was there, and the kids could do as they pleased.

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