Outdoor Challenge::Tuesday & Wednesday

28 Apr

Brandon has been all sorts of boy lately. As he has been booted off the computer, and really isn’t into too much t.v., being outside has been good for him. He doesn’t have much of a chance to be a boy, and do boy things. Since we are a mostly girl family {Ashley, Isabella and I are pretty girly}. I need to remind myself to tell him yes more often, to doing “boy” stuff.

Yesterday, he found some rocks that had fossils, and the like. He cleaned them all up and set up little cleaning and touching stations. Then gave us each a ticket to his little rock presentation, where we could see the differences in the rocks, and wash them up a little. It was fun. Then him and Isabella went outside and dug up part of the driveway in search for more rocks, because I told them to go look for rocks.

Rock Hunting

Today…Brandon wanted to be more boy! He wanted to make a fire. Again I said no. Then I changed my mind. {I have never made a fire before and wanted to try!} So that’s what we are doing now. Well he is tending to it, while I am writing this and making dinner.

Proud little guy.

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