What’s In Your House? Wednesday

28 Apr

Cleaning Products… What do you use? Do you make your own?

Another thing I picked up from the Family Wisdom Conference is one of the Ginger Clean products. {} I bought the All-Purpose Spray.

I really like how it cleans. It is a bit gingery for me, but oh-so much better than a toxic smelling product. I have cleaned a lot of things since I purchased it, and has really worked great. I am going to pick up the window cleaner next time I am out.

It’s great because it is completely earth friendly and it is locally made! They have other products too, like Laundry Detergent and some soft scrub too. Make sure you visit their website to learn more, and they even have a facebook page!

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One response to “What’s In Your House? Wednesday

  1. aastricker

    April 28, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    You know I make mine.
    Ever since I started making my own laundry soap and fabric softener, I can’t handle the smell of other people’s laundry anymore. I like ginger, but I use Borax to scrub stuff and vinegar to spray stuff. Oooh, I did think of something else to post though . . . Check me out tomorrow.


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