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Meal Plan Monday

When making a meal plan, I try to be very organized. I get my calendar out and make a list of all the meals I need to prepare. We eat dinner together 6-7 times a week and rarely go out for dinner. Breakfast is something quick and simple most days. Unfortunately it is mostly cereal for the kids. I do a bigger breakfast, like pancakes, or scrambled eggs or french toast on the weekends. The kids eat lunch at school. If I am home, it is usually whatever we have here. If I work, I will take leftovers or pick up a lean cuisine.  My favorite lunch right now is a caprese salad and/or whole wheat noodles with olive oil, lemon and salt and pepper. Yum! I have yet to find a great way to plan and try new foods. But I have found some good strategies while trying to come up with a good plan.

Here are some of the posts from that have helped:

menu planning 101

menu planning

With all that knowledge, I simply make a list of the meals I need to prepare, see if I need quick meals because we will be out and about, or if I can take my time to make them. I think about what sounds good, what I know the kids will eat, and if there is anything new that I would like to try.

So, this weeks menu is::

Monday~grilling out with the family & celebrating my brother and his girlfriends birthday.

Tuesday~ taco night

Wednesday~chicken sandwich and homemade mozzarella cheese sticks.

Thursday~ I won’t be home, so I will just pack a sandwich for work.

Friday~ homemade pizza night

Saturday~ I have to work again, so it will be some left over pizza probably.

Sunday~ not certain because Isabella has a Brownie field trip, and I think we will be eating there.

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It’s unusual that I have a whole weekend off, let alone a holiday one. But I needed it, so I requested it off. And it hasn’t disappointed me yet. I don’t have all three days of this long weekend off, but that’s okay. Friday night we started the weekend off with Shrek 4 and Iron Man 2 at the Drive In. It was so much fun. But I really need to get my camera out when I am there. I bring it, but it never comes out. Having too much fun I guess. We didn’t get home til 3am. We slept in til around 10am on Saturday. Well the kids did. I was up at around 8am. We went to Northport to the Memorial Day Weekend Car Show. It was lots of fun. Brandon has been obsessed with cars lately, and especially older ones. So what better way to enjoy that obsession??? It was also nice, because it was small, and I do have some whiney kids! We then headed to the beach with my friend Stephanie and her kids {well, we also went to the drive in and the car show with them too!} at her in laws house. It was fun. High 80’s and low 90’s all weekend. You know what that calls for? Yuppers, a quick stop to the Dairy Lodge for some yummy treats to cool off, before we made it to the beach. Stephanie’s daughter, Kylie, spent the night and the next morning we headed to Stephanie’s parents house to swim some more. This time the kids did some fishing and slip n sliding and kayaking. We grilled out, and then came to my house and roasted s’mores. Love them! It was a great weekend for sure. Brandon headed to his cousins house for the night, so the girls and I hit Wares’ Bros. for ice cream/slushies and the movie store. We chose Leap Year, and just finished it up. It was cute, but totally predictable. That’s okay with me 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend too! What did you do?

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hello little blog!

I haven’t been gone long. But I needed to take a few days off. Well, I have been on the computer, just not wanting to think or come up with anything to write. As I said, the kids’ Great Grandma passed away on Sunday and we had the funeral on Tuesday. It has been really hard for me. She isn’t my Grandma, it would be my ex’s Grandma, and even though we had split up over 8 years ago, she has still been a big part of our lives. The kids love her dearly, and it has been really hard for them. I keep going over the many times we missed out on seeing her and spending time with her, because we were too busy or something else. I just know it was hard for me because it’s not my family, and I have a hard time trying to be here, there and everywhere with my kids and my own family, that to be in charge of making plans with a family that I am not directly apart of, well it’s really quite difficult. But I am very grateful for the time we have spent. We had spent many days visiting her in the hospital, during the seven weeks she was there. She just will be absolutely and truly missed.

I skipped yesterdays post for What’s In your house? Wednesday. But I have a good one for next week regarding toys! Especially a new toy that made it to our house today, to be opened by a birthday girl on Sunday. Anyways, I thought I would share what I did Monday which also concerns “toys” that we have. We have this one bookcase that holds everyones stuff, mostly art supplies but little things too. And it was in an area that people kinda just used as a catch-all, including myself. Here is a horrible before picture…

see? what mess! papers and things EVERYWHERE!

ahh! Nice and Tidy here! I moved it to another wall. As well as changed up a few things. On the top shelf we now have a spot for all the little Schleich animals we have collected. Colored pencils, pens and regular pencils and a box of notebooks. (Trust me, there are even more notebooks, but I kept it uniform by only putting the composition books in there.

On the second shelf is everyones bucket. I picked these plastic buckets because they fit in nicely, and they are portable. I wanted little baskets, but these work good. They are Isabella’s, Brandon’s, Ashley’s and Mine/Everyone’s. In them, is there personal items such as their own coloring/doodle books and notebooks, little book lights, and whatever little things they use. I think they each have a set of their own crayons, and some other odds and ends. Mine is more like stuff that belongs to everybody.

The bottom shelf holds a basket full of bags, because we have LOTS of bags, also bigger items and everybody’s paint and brushes.

One thing, that I think I will do, is replace the schleich animal spot with a little zen garden. We have lots of rocks and I think the kids would like it. Let’s just hope the cat doesn’t 😉

Lastly, a picture of my oldest. I walk her to the bus stop every single morning. Today, I brought my camera. This afternoon, I found out that she made the honor roll. I am so very proud of this beautiful girl!

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Just popping in to say I will be a few more days, til I get back to this little space. I have been hard at work being Brandon’s advocate at school and have had a few meetings with all sorts of people at the school and the Doctors, trying to work out these last few weeks of school and ready him for middle school.

We did enjoy a night at the drive-in. We watched How to Train Your Dragon and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It rained and stormed, but was fun nonetheless.

The next couple days we will be attending a visitation and a funeral for my kids’ Great Grandma, who passed away Saturday.

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