Meal Plan Monday

31 May

When making a meal plan, I try to be very organized. I get my calendar out and make a list of all the meals I need to prepare. We eat dinner together 6-7 times a week and rarely go out for dinner. Breakfast is something quick and simple most days. Unfortunately it is mostly cereal for the kids. I do a bigger breakfast, like pancakes, or scrambled eggs or french toast on the weekends. The kids eat lunch at school. If I am home, it is usually whatever we have here. If I work, I will take leftovers or pick up a lean cuisine.  My favorite lunch right now is a caprese salad and/or whole wheat noodles with olive oil, lemon and salt and pepper. Yum! I have yet to find a great way to plan and try new foods. But I have found some good strategies while trying to come up with a good plan.

Here are some of the posts from that have helped:

menu planning 101

menu planning

With all that knowledge, I simply make a list of the meals I need to prepare, see if I need quick meals because we will be out and about, or if I can take my time to make them. I think about what sounds good, what I know the kids will eat, and if there is anything new that I would like to try.

So, this weeks menu is::

Monday~grilling out with the family & celebrating my brother and his girlfriends birthday.

Tuesday~ taco night

Wednesday~chicken sandwich and homemade mozzarella cheese sticks.

Thursday~ I won’t be home, so I will just pack a sandwich for work.

Friday~ homemade pizza night

Saturday~ I have to work again, so it will be some left over pizza probably.

Sunday~ not certain because Isabella has a Brownie field trip, and I think we will be eating there.

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