31 May

It’s unusual that I have a whole weekend off, let alone a holiday one. But I needed it, so I requested it off. And it hasn’t disappointed me yet. I don’t have all three days of this long weekend off, but that’s okay. Friday night we started the weekend off with Shrek 4 and Iron Man 2 at the Drive In. It was so much fun. But I really need to get my camera out when I am there. I bring it, but it never comes out. Having too much fun I guess. We didn’t get home til 3am. We slept in til around 10am on Saturday. Well the kids did. I was up at around 8am. We went to Northport to the Memorial Day Weekend Car Show. It was lots of fun. Brandon has been obsessed with cars lately, and especially older ones. So what better way to enjoy that obsession??? It was also nice, because it was small, and I do have some whiney kids! We then headed to the beach with my friend Stephanie and her kids {well, we also went to the drive in and the car show with them too!} at her in laws house. It was fun. High 80’s and low 90’s all weekend. You know what that calls for? Yuppers, a quick stop to the Dairy Lodge for some yummy treats to cool off, before we made it to the beach. Stephanie’s daughter, Kylie, spent the night and the next morning we headed to Stephanie’s parents house to swim some more. This time the kids did some fishing and slip n sliding and kayaking. We grilled out, and then came to my house and roasted s’mores. Love them! It was a great weekend for sure. Brandon headed to his cousins house for the night, so the girls and I hit Wares’ Bros. for ice cream/slushies and the movie store. We chose Leap Year, and just finished it up. It was cute, but totally predictable. That’s okay with me 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend too! What did you do?

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