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Meal Plan Monday

Apparently, I can blog for a week, then I get tired and skip a week and then come back to it. I will try not to do that anymore!

This week is a little different, because I will be focusing more on lunches and breakfasts than dinners. I work most nights this week, so I won’t be cooking for the kids at night. I charted out the week and made a meal plan for when we would be home. Ashley took my meal plan, and put it in a calendar form on the computer. I would copy and paste hers, but she is not home tonight. It’s nice, she is at an old friends house tonight. They are a grade apart, and weren’t at the same school last year, but are now at the same daycare over the summer.

Monday: Breakfast~Pancakes and bacon

Lunch & snack @ daycare

Dinner~ Hamburgers and some yummy fruit salad

Tuesday: Breakfast~Scrambled egg burritos

Snack~ cheesy pretzels**

Lunch~chicken strips/salad**

Snack~ homemade ice cream and strawberries

Dinner~I will be at work

Wednesday: Breakfast ~ yogurt, fruit kebabs and blueberry muffins

no snack

Lunch~sandwich wraps & fruit

snack~ mozzarella cheese sticks

Dinner~I will be at work

Thursday: Breakfast~waffles with berries and whip cream

snack and lunch @ daycare

snack~purple cow shakes**

Dinner~ I will be at work (again)

Friday:Breakfast~ ooey -gooey cinnamon rolls & fruit

snack~ ritz cracker sandwiches

Lunch~Mini bagel pizzas**

Dinner~ I will be at work

**A few of our meals & snacks are based on a cookbook that Ashley picked up a few weeks ago at the library. She liked it so much that we just renewed it today so that we can continue trying out some more recipes in it.

I am really trying to prepare and plan some good hearty and healthy breakfasts because we have time to eat a good breakfast, I am sick of the kids eating cereal and it really helps keep their energy all day.

Today, the kids and I went to the library to sign up for the Summer Reading Club. They are all signed up now, and got to pick 1 book each. I had to put a rule on it this time, because they will get as many books as they can, and never finish them. Not only that, but they have SOOOO many books at home that they still need to read. We took some friends along too and walked around the children’s garden and down the trail behind it. Nice day to be outside. Then Brandon went to his Dad’s and Ashley went to her friends, and Isabella and I were stuck at home with each other. We went to the library once more and picked some books up for myself and also the movie Precious.

About a week ago, Isabella went on her Brownie field trip to Ranch Rudolph and got to ride a horse!

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{this moment}

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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going on a field trip

I love to go on field trips with my kids. It is so much fun. Yesterday, I went with Brandon’s class to Lake Ann Camp. It was really neat. I am thinking about sending him for a week this summer. They have a bog, where they actually get to lay down in all that mess! They have tons of things to do, but we didn’t have time for much. Just the bog, a quick swim in the lake for those that were muddy from the bog, a good lunch, and then some team building games.

walking down to the bog. We had to walk through the “Gate of Silence”. {which honestly is hard for this group of kids!} But walking through that area, there was pipecleaner stick bugs placed everywhere, and you had to count them on the way down. I found 68 of them. I was way off, there were actually 152 of them around there!

The board walk goes around the bog in an octagon shape, when we jumped up, then back down, the whole bog jiggles, because the boardwalk we are on is basically floating on the bog.

yes, they actually got in and got dirty!

They had to walk back to camp all muddy and wet. They were cold.

But they were able to swim in the lake for a few minutes to clean up. Then they went and changed in to their dry clothes.

Good Bye Lake Ann Camp, hope to see you this summer for a whole week!

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What’s In Your House? Wednesday

Good Morning. Today’s edition of What’s In Your House? Wednesday, comes from the land of toys! We all have too many toys, don’t we? So what do you get a little girl who is turning 8 for her birthday, if you don’t want more toys in the house? Well that is a hard one. Isabella loves to play dolls, and barbies and house and everything that pertains to that. She just plays everyday with them, wherever she desires. I came upon a great deal at the Land of Nod and couldn’t pass it up! This paper tells all about it. The wind turbine, the rain water collection unit, the recycling center. Everything is made from eco friendly and organic materials. It has to be the most awesome dollhouse ever. It’s got a solar panel, and green space. There is an explanation on the paper as to how much solar or wind power it would take to power a certain item or two. It really is neat, she loves it, and she now has a good playspace for her little dolls.

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Summer is almost here!

Well, we thoroughly enjoyed our unofficial start to summer this past weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous and I am hoping it is a sign of the summer to come. {I won’t keep my hopes up though…heck, I still haven’t put away the winter stuff just in case!} Unfortunately, school is not out of session, and we have two weeks left still. Total Bummer. I would love to stay home with my kids all summer and enjoy it with them, but I have to work. I do work in retail, so hours are flexible, which means that I can still spend plenty of summer days with the kids. I have decided to throw a summer camp for my kids because I hate not having things planned, and I hate sitting inside when I shouldn’t be. I am working hard all week to get everything as ready as I can. It will be my 3 kids, and my friend Stephanie’s 3 older kids, and Angela…you can join in too! I am going to make sure I plan for lots of kids, in case we have impromptu meet ups. I am so excited to get some of this creativity out. I am sure I have mentioned before my love of reading and bookmarking ideas on blogs {but not to much follow through on trying some things out} however, as I was up til 1am or later Sunday night, and I was reading blogs, I decided to go for it, and started making lists of all the things I want to do with my kids this summer and my first stop was of course 5orange potatoes. I have so much to plan for it, and I am going to spend the week working on it. I have tons of left over cardstock blank books, made from a 1/2 sheet of cardstock and sewn together with about 6 half-sheets of plain white paper, and I plan to use these as little field guides for the kids and activities that need to be written. I think we will make tie-dyed shirts on one of the first days and I also want to make little tote bags for each of the kids to carry their stuff in. I guess I better hop to it!

we hope to be doing a whole lot of this as well!

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