Summer is almost here!

01 Jun

Well, we thoroughly enjoyed our unofficial start to summer this past weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous and I am hoping it is a sign of the summer to come. {I won’t keep my hopes up though…heck, I still haven’t put away the winter stuff just in case!} Unfortunately, school is not out of session, and we have two weeks left still. Total Bummer. I would love to stay home with my kids all summer and enjoy it with them, but I have to work. I do work in retail, so hours are flexible, which means that I can still spend plenty of summer days with the kids. I have decided to throw a summer camp for my kids because I hate not having things planned, and I hate sitting inside when I shouldn’t be. I am working hard all week to get everything as ready as I can. It will be my 3 kids, and my friend Stephanie’s 3 older kids, and Angela…you can join in too! I am going to make sure I plan for lots of kids, in case we have impromptu meet ups. I am so excited to get some of this creativity out. I am sure I have mentioned before my love of reading and bookmarking ideas on blogs {but not to much follow through on trying some things out} however, as I was up til 1am or later Sunday night, and I was reading blogs, I decided to go for it, and started making lists of all the things I want to do with my kids this summer and my first stop was of course 5orange potatoes. I have so much to plan for it, and I am going to spend the week working on it. I have tons of left over cardstock blank books, made from a 1/2 sheet of cardstock and sewn together with about 6 half-sheets of plain white paper, and I plan to use these as little field guides for the kids and activities that need to be written. I think we will make tie-dyed shirts on one of the first days and I also want to make little tote bags for each of the kids to carry their stuff in. I guess I better hop to it!

we hope to be doing a whole lot of this as well!

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