going on a field trip

03 Jun

I love to go on field trips with my kids. It is so much fun. Yesterday, I went with Brandon’s class to Lake Ann Camp. It was really neat. I am thinking about sending him for a week this summer. They have a bog, where they actually get to lay down in all that mess! They have tons of things to do, but we didn’t have time for much. Just the bog, a quick swim in the lake for those that were muddy from the bog, a good lunch, and then some team building games.

walking down to the bog. We had to walk through the “Gate of Silence”. {which honestly is hard for this group of kids!} But walking through that area, there was pipecleaner stick bugs placed everywhere, and you had to count them on the way down. I found 68 of them. I was way off, there were actually 152 of them around there!

The board walk goes around the bog in an octagon shape, when we jumped up, then back down, the whole bog jiggles, because the boardwalk we are on is basically floating on the bog.

yes, they actually got in and got dirty!

They had to walk back to camp all muddy and wet. They were cold.

But they were able to swim in the lake for a few minutes to clean up. Then they went and changed in to their dry clothes.

Good Bye Lake Ann Camp, hope to see you this summer for a whole week!

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