Welcome Fall?

25 Aug

No not quite, thank goodness! I didn’t intend to take a blog break, but man has it been a great summer. It has been really hot and great beach weather up until last week. So we have really tried to make it to the beach everyday. {which can be pretty hard with me working 5, 6 or even 7 days a week.} I think we have done pretty good. If I worked in the morning, we could go after dinner, and it was still beautiful. If I worked later at night, then we went for a little bit in the morning. One day, I worked two shifts. {I think it was like 9-2 and 5-10} I picked the kids up from the sitter, took them to the beach for an hour, dropped them off with my parents, and went back to work. I really can’t complain with this summer. I unfortunately know that winter will be here soon{I HATE winter- bad place to live when you despise it so!} but we really took summer for all it had, and enjoyed every minute of it.

School starts in two weeks, and we have a huge change upon us. See, for the last 8 years I have been the little taxi driver, driving my kids to and from school every single day. Last year, when Ashley moved to the middle school, she rode the bus, but I still drove Isabella to her school, and Brandon to his school. I even managed to pick up another kid along the way. This year? Well, this year, they are ALL riding a bus. Brandon and Ashley to middle school, and Isabella switched schools to her “home” school up the road. It’s going to be such a change. Isabella has been a Montessori student since she was 18 months, and she is 8 and a half now. She is trading her rug for a desk, and her freedom to move around for a more structured environment. I brought the idea up, and she was enthusiastic about it. She wants to sit at a desk and make new friends. I am worried about her and the change. I know she will do well. But I know it will be completely different.

Next Monday we will be heading up to the Middle School to get Brandon and Ashley both set up for school. They get their school pictures taken, their id’s, set up their lunch accounts, find out their classes and everything. This is very exciting. Brandon will have a big transition from Elementary to Middle School. I am hoping that my anxiety and fears are just in my head. He has had so much trouble in his Elementary years, that I would just like him to find his groove. Learning, I know, will never be easy for him. But, I hope he has some better teachers that will actually help him this year. I am not sure that I could do a repeat of last year. It was very miserable.

So hears to big changes. I hope everything goes smoothly. We are trying to get our rhythm back for school time, and trying to find better ways to manage the days.

I went for a walk on my Grandpa’s property and I found this heart. I love it. We were visiting my Grandpa, who just turned 83. He was in the hospital for a few days. It was very sad, because he has never been in the hospital before, he has never really ever been sick before. This was hard on everyone. But, he came home and the kids and I went with my parents to visit him for dinner one evening. It’s good to see him, because I don’t see him that often, and he was doing very well. I left the rock there, and I hope someone else walks by it and sees it too.

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One response to “Welcome Fall?

  1. aastricker

    August 25, 2010 at 8:55 am

    You’re back!!
    I can’t speak for the sixth grade teachers at EJH because I kept Gwenin Montessori for that last year, but I had wonderful experiences with the staff there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you (and him) to have a great year.


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