30 Days of Gratitude…Days 23-29

29 Nov

Geesh, I need to do a little bit of a catch up here. Holidays are so very busy, huh?

Day 23:: I am grateful for what we consider the basics. Clean water, shelter, food at every meal, clothing to cover our bodies in this cold weather and boots to keep those toes warm.
Day 24:: I am grateful for a low key night. Pizza with the kids, baking cookies & watching a movie.
Day 25:: Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am very grateful for the clear-ish roads {rain, but no ice} that made it easy for me to travel to my Grandpa’s house about an hour away. It was a wonderful day to visit with family and I enjoyed it greatly! My Grandpa’s getting pretty old, and this summer was the first time that he has really been in the hospital. I think that being there on Thursday was the greatest blessing I could have.

Day 26:: I am grateful for a company that treats their employees great. My Target is wonderful, and I know that I have already been thankful for them, but I wanted to put in an additional thank you, to Dawn who is the clerical person at Target and always puts together wonderful events. They ordered pizza, pop and chips for everyone all day long on Black Friday. Then Subway all day long on Saturday. Dawn also transformed the breakroom into a wonderful Christmas-y scene!  I am also thankful for Ashley who braved the cold and snow and early morning hours standing in line to buy herself a personal dvd player, which we later found out that there was no need to because they didn’t sell out for quite a while. BUT we did score some good deals with the gift cards! Get a $10 giftcard for buying a wii game, a $10 giftcard for your $100 or more purchase and a $10 mall gift card with a $100 purchase!
Day 27::I am grateful for Isabella who has a beautiful voice and a beautiful imagination. She is creative and fun. She loves to play and can spend hours playing in her own little world. She likes to make things. She loves to sing. When she is by herself playing, you can hear her sing and sing and sing. Sometimes it’ll be songs she has learned in the Northwestern Michigan Children’s Choir, or in Choristers at church, but most times she will be singing out her thoughts. I think I heard her singing about chocolate yesterday. 

Day 28::I am so grateful for the generosity of others and that there really are good people. I saw a man return a wallet that he found on the ground and he said there is money and credit cards in it. The girls at Guest Service were shocked and weren’t quite sure what to do. They said Wow! You don’t see that anymore. Isn’t that sad? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? That you would be shocked that someone didn’t return it with all it’s money enclosed? Because that’s how I feel! I witness a lot of young girls who come in the fitting room and then come back because they had set their wallet down or some money down or their gift card down, and may they go look to see if it is still there? Sadly, it never is, and sadly I have never witnessed another guest come out of the fitting room and say that they found that item in there. The generosity was plentiful at church this day. With people taking the tags off the tree to purchase a gift for a child in need, or off the other tree to purchase a gift card for a low income senior volunteer for gas and/or groceries.

Day 29:: I am grateful for a morning of hot cocoa and addressing Christmas cards, planning our advent activities and cutting some fabric to finish up some Christmas presents.

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