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lunar eclipse::Solstice

I awoke a bit too early to see the lunar eclipse. I walked in and out of the house a few times, made some hot cocoa, and did some lunar eclipse research online. It was a bit warmer this morning, and not so frigid. Looks like it is about 21degrees F right now. Cold, but not like yesterday morning. At the beginning it was so crisp and clear, it was beautiful. You could see the stars and there was only some whispy clouds passing by. However at some time in there….well it turned very cloudy and hard to see by the time it was at a full eclipse. It was beautiful to see.

:: beginning::




You can see the cloud cover in the end, it was hard to take a good picture.

We are hoping to celebrate the solstice tonight by going for a Solstice walk with friends from our church.

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Finishing Projects

I have really been in the mood to get some things cleaned up and finished up around here, and I am glad my momentum has continued. I finished the dolls that I was working on for Isabella’s surgery on Wednesday. I also finished the stack of rice bags that I mentioned in that post too. There were 8 rice bags that were waiting for covers, and I got them done, and they will have new homes come Christmas morning.  I also found a home for the quilted pieces. That I can’t reveal til Christmas morning, because one of the owners to the finished item, reads my blog!I also transformed a skirt that I never finished, in to a bag that will hold the dolls I made for Isabella. I am happy with what I have gotten done.


Not the best picture of the duo and their bag. Maybe I can get another picture in the morning when I give them to her.

She has to be at the hospital at 10:30 and will be going into surgery about 12:30. She can’t eat anything after midnight tonight. Which is making me a little worried. She is a person who needs to eat like every 30 minutes. I am sure she will be fine.


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Advent::Counting Down the Days

A year or so ago, I made the cutest advent calendar of little stockings that hung along a ribbon. I couldn’t find it this year and I am so bummed. So, I have printed out our daily to-do’s to count down the days til Christmas. I don’t like it so much, because I print them, and then have no where to put them. Last night, we kicked off December with a fun event. The church we belong to hosted an Advent night. We made wreaths, got our pictures taken and the kids made ice cream cone trees and gingerbread houses and ornaments. What a blast. I remembered my camera, too. However, I have no pictures because I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera. I can never win.

Ashley and I had so much fun making a wreath together. It was just a great start to the season. I love the ideas of the boxes, especially like Ali’s and Sally’s . I didn’t want to make a new one this year, because I know I have one. I am just not sure which box I put it into.

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