Finishing Projects

07 Dec

I have really been in the mood to get some things cleaned up and finished up around here, and I am glad my momentum has continued. I finished the dolls that I was working on for Isabella’s surgery on Wednesday. I also finished the stack of rice bags that I mentioned in that post too. There were 8 rice bags that were waiting for covers, and I got them done, and they will have new homes come Christmas morning.  I also found a home for the quilted pieces. That I can’t reveal til Christmas morning, because one of the owners to the finished item, reads my blog!I also transformed a skirt that I never finished, in to a bag that will hold the dolls I made for Isabella. I am happy with what I have gotten done.


Not the best picture of the duo and their bag. Maybe I can get another picture in the morning when I give them to her.

She has to be at the hospital at 10:30 and will be going into surgery about 12:30. She can’t eat anything after midnight tonight. Which is making me a little worried. She is a person who needs to eat like every 30 minutes. I am sure she will be fine.


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