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::back again::

It seems as though I decided to take a little break. Just a little one. But I am back. I have no pictures to share because I haven’t even picked up my camera in over a week. Brandon had his staples removed and it is looking much better. We haven’t done too much in the last week. It’s been so very cold! We are looking forward to tomorrow though as we are taking a day off and heading to the Great Wolf Lodge for a day of fun. The kids and I are excited. We plan to hang out all day and stay for dinner. It is kind of funny because we don’t eat out ever. Probably once every like 5 months. But on Friday I went with some friends for dinner at Bubba’s and on Sunday we all went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate my moms birthday and then tomorrow to the Great Wolf Lodge. What a treat. I am sure I will have pictures tomorrow. {though I will be too tired to upload anything when I get home, so Thursday it’ll be}

For my 101 in 1001…it’s going kinda slow, but I should be able to accomplish a lot in the next month, and especially next two months. I am still working on my quilt. I am pretty far along, as I have cut all the rectangles, sewed them in strips, and now I am sewing the strips together. I still need to go buy the fabric for the backside, but I will wait until I see what my total measurements are.  For my #41:: special kid “dates” with each of my children…we are doing the GWL tomorrow {altogether, but I think that will be ok} and then I just penciled in February’s days with my kids. Brandon and I are going to go see a movie, and get his haircut, and Ashley and I are going to do a little downtown shopping. She needs some new boots and a bigger winter jacket. I forgot what Isabella said..though she may not actually have chosen. I told her something not so expensive, and she said darn, I was thinking the Great Wolf Lodge! {I think she really likes it there!!} We did pick a date though, and maybe it was dinner and a movie.

Oh man, I am procrastinating about getting ready for work, which I should go do because if not, I am going to skip breakfast and be late too.


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I had my post all planned for today. Just some more pictures of what we did today. Church, then Isabella’s first swim class and sledding down the hill. However, that didn’t happen. Church was good, and we headed to swim lessons, and Isabella refused to get in the water. Wouldn’t go near it, and while she was doing that, Brandon took his snowboard to the hill and went down, well he hit a bump, fell off and the snowboard hit him in the head, resulting in needing to go to urgent care and getting three staples. So all I have to show for today is two sleeping children and this gross picture. 

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::snowy day::

Lots of new snow::

Sorcerer’s Apprentice at the State Theatre for 25cents::

Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch::

Wishing I could just stay home the rest of the day::

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{missing this happy guy}

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::hot water and lemon {the perfect start to my day}

::avocado drizzled with some olive oil and the teeniest pinch of seasoning {the perfect afternoon snack}

::my mom & celebrating her 60th birthday tonight

::reading a new book

::snuggling with my kids

::warm air

::looking at my google documents:especially the one that is labeled “Pretty Things::Things to Buy”

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Sheet Layout Alphabet Girly


Love this. I may need to find something to name sebastian finch, too. Loving everything on the site.

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{these people are my world and I love them with all my heart}

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