101 in 1001

06 Jan

Look up…at the top of the blog, you will see that I added a new page called 101 in 1001. It is a list of things that I would like to accomplish in 1001 days. I got the idea from my friend Angela, and I am really excited about it. It took my over a week to think of everything, but I really wanted to accomplish many things. I can already think of more things I want to do! So, check out my list and make a list of your own, too! Once I complete a task, I will check it off and blog about it here too. I have until October 4, 2013. That seems like a long way from now, but I will try not to procrastinate on my list.

As I wrote 2013, I couldn’t help to think of where we will be then. Ashley will 15, and Brandon will be 13, almost 14 and Isabella will be 11. Yikes. Maybe I shouldn’t think about all that!!!!

I love making little crafts with the kids and for them to share with the kids in their classes. Well, Ashley and Brandon are in middle school now, so they don’t really do any of that. For Christmas Isabella and I made little baggies for her classmates. They included some dipped pretzels, 2 mini candy canes and a little blank journal. I cut out a ton of little circles, and Isabella used one of my stamps to make a tag and signed her name to them. It was fun. The little blank journals I made about four years ago and are so easy. I think I made them for a the kids’ classmates for at Christmas, but I didn’t finish them all, or something. I have tons of them left over. I used almost 30 this year, and still have over 60 left…looks like I can add those to the Valentines Day bags, too. For Isabella’s teachers {she switches classrooms for part of the day for a couple subjects} and the principal we made some dipped pretzel rods and put them in a cute Santa bucket and added a card. For her main teacher we also sent a gift card to the State Theatre and one of my heated rice bags that I made.

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