08 Jan

I didn’t get around to sharing my Christmas photos from Christmas break, in fact I hadn’t even uploaded them until today. I guess we were having too much fun. Christmas was so wonderful. For the months leading up to Christmas, well from the time school started in September, I hadn’t allowed the kids too much tv time, I feel that really helped with the not wanting things. I also did not have them make lists. They know that I limit gifts to a few things. Mostly something to read, something to wear, something homemade and another thing or two. They really had no expectations, therefore no issues with not getting things they asked for. When I did ask what they wanted, Brandon said, nothing I already asked for too much. Which I couldn’t really figure out what he did ask for. I think, because his birthday was in November and he had asked for a new pair of cool shoes, and the DJ hero set for the wii, and a sweatshirt, that he really couldn’t ask for more. Which was nice for me. Ashley didn’t have anything she really wanted, besides two super expensive things that she knew she wouldn’t get. {A laptop and a cell phone}. Isabella, however, always asks for things. Luckily, I think she knows that she just asks and asks and asks and doesn’t have the expectation that she is going to get all those things that she wants {plus she knows that I hate little random things…so I won’t buy them}. This year was great though. I did get them their Christmas jammies for Christmas Eve.

I got them each a book, and I made them each a heated rice bag. I also bought them each an outfit. This year I added on a movie for each of them, and a new wii game for each.  I also got them their own wii controllers and nun chucks. So, I got a little more than usual. Which is totally fine, because they really needed their own wii controllers {we had one, and it is hard to play more than 1 player games, with only one controller!}

All in all, it was a great Christmas. Though that Santa sure did go overboard!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. We had great fun with family.

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