11 Jan

I have started working on some of my list. My goal to read 75 books felt a little lofty when I set it. But I love to read, and I make time to read. I read to my kids, with my kids and by myself. It is great having older kids that will let you {for the most part} read. I like to read quick fun books. I am not a mystery reader, or a romance novel reader. I like fun, quick books. Peppered in my list I would like to read some heavier-to-me books. I am not one for death. I hate movies that deal with death, I hate books that deal with death. {mostly} I would like to read some classic novels, and some best seller novels, but mostly…say it together now…quick fun books. Last week, I dropped the kids off at youth group, and then for the first time since September, I didn’t join in a class, or meet with the other ladies of the church. I walked by myself down to the bookstore, where I stayed for an hour and browsed books. I didn’t buy any, but I wrote down a few titles. Saturday, the kids and I attempted to go see Despicable Me at the State Theatre for 25cents. Unfortunately most of the town decided to go too. Although we got tickets, and got in, there wasn’t a place for us to sit together, so we opted out and let other people in that didn’t need to sit together 4 in a row. Instead we went to the bookstore almost next door, {the one I walked to on Wednesday night} and browsed for books. Ashley had to get a mystery for her book report, so we picked up a copy for her. I picked up a book on my list, and Isabella picked up a book on her list.  Brandon opted out, because he “hasn’t finished the series he is working on, and he has a whole lot of books that he hasn’t read yet, so no reason to waste money on a new one”. I finished my book tonight and started on number 2! This book, I picked up from Target today because I saw it a couple weeks ago, and thought it looked good, and it was on sale this week, plus my discount= good deal! It is called “How to Bake a Perfect Life”. I admit, I am a total “judge a book by it’s cover” girl. If I like the cover, and the printing inside, I am 100% more likely to get it. Of course, I read the description too. You know the whole people dying in a book, can still have a pretty cover. I am also working on a book that Ashley bought and is trying to make me read because she loved it so much. I want to get through it, but it’s hard for me to get started on it. It is called Priscilla asks Why?. It sounds like an excellent book, by local-ish author, I just need to snuggle in someday and read. Ashley picked it up when we went to the TC Children’s Book Festival. The author was there, and signed her book. Saturday she picked up Little Women, also. So, now I have to read that too. Lots of options. I don’t plan on buying all 75 books that I plan to read, in case you were wondering…ahem Stephanie…I think I have a late fee at the library, but I have tomorrow off, and I plan to go check on that, pick up some more books and pay said late fee.

Well, I have been rambling and it is honestly about 3 hours past my normal bedtime. I just wanted to say that I read 1 book towards my goal, and that I also crossed off another goal. Raising my 401k by 1% each year. But, you ask, how is that possible to cross off considering you are only one week into the challenge? Well. I went to the employee website to see about increasing my contribution by 1% this year. While I was there, I found out that one could automatically increase it yearly, by putting in your desired amount, and top percentage. So I did it, and it’s done. It will automatically recalculate each year. yay me!

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