I LOVE the internet

03 Feb

I tell ya, I find such inspiration and such beauty everywhere on the internet. I love it. You just go here, click there, click here, and so much beautiful things everywhere. This morning, I logged on to facebook and read my feeds. I read Elisha’s post that simply stated “Favorite Crafting blogs please??” and the first one listed was eighteen25. So I clicked and fell in love! So, I added it to my Google Reader. Whilst I was checking through this stunning blog, I happened upon this and um, more love. My next click was to the Pinterest website of Jen Sedillo. Then click, click, click and seriously, I am just really loving this bed. I want it. I love the colors, and just everything. That yellow color is my fave right now. 


So now, I am hooked on this Pinterest thing. There goes another day! Aren’t those ruffles the cutest??

That is about 1/1000000000000000 of the cute things I come across each and every single time I log on to the computer. What are some of your favorite things you have come across today?

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