Healthy Living Day 6

11 Mar


Pop:: 0

Water:: 24ounces

Added Sugar/Treats:: o

Exercise::little bit of walking

Pounds lost:: -5 total


I have been doing well at not drinking pop. Yesterday was the hardest because I took Brandon to eat lunch at House of Doggs, and they have bottled root beer which I love. But I was able to say no. Sweets and Treats was really hard on a few days. Yesterday the kids got HUGE m&m cookies, and at least Isabella tried to share with me. Well, she has tried to share sweets with me all.week.long. I had to keep saying no no no! Wednesday nights we head to dinner at church, and they always have so many sweet treats, and I felt really good about myself when I passed them up. I need to get through today, and start again tomorrow. Next week, I plan to keep a better log, not necessarily online, but a log of what I have been eating. I still have a little ways to go to hit my total 20, and only 2 weeks from today. It’ll be a close one. But hey, I just lost 5 pounds this week, so if I buckle down with my food, and a little more exercise, I got it!

Next week will prove tough though. I have brunch out on Sunday, with dessert afterwards. We have so many birthdays and anniversaries in March, on my mom’s side, that we get together every March and have brunch together. I think, that if I watch what I eat, have a small piece of dessert and then walk around my Grandpa’s farm, which is hundreds and hundreds of acres, then I will be good! Later on in the week we celebrate my oldest daughters birthday. Eek, I am one week away from having a teenager! Then 2 days later, we celebrate my birthday.

Have a beautiful weekend. I am heading to the gym shortly to fit in a quick run, and then I work all day.

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