Washington D.C.

05 Apr

This week we are visiting the Washington D.C. area. We are here on aa Mission Trip with 4 other families from our church. We stayed in Grand Rapids, MI on Friday, then flew out at 6am on Saturday morning. We had a quick and easy, which is good, condsidering it was our first flight, ever! We arrived in Baltimore, Maryland early Saturday morning, around 7:15.

Once we arrived in Baltimore, we took a shuttle in to Washington D.C. It was crazy because we arrived right when they were running a marathon and they had the streets blocked, but you didn’t know it, until you got to the end of the road and had to turn around. We finally made it to our hotel, and we were able to check in early! That was nice, so we put our luggage in our room and headed out to lunch. We chose to eat at Au Bon Pain, which the kids and I loved (minus the service…) Au Bon Pain, means with good bread! Im pretty happy because I could translate that with my rusty french!

We had such a busy and wonderful week. We tried many new restaurants that we do not have in our area. We rode the subway, rode every single escalator in DC {we don’t have escalators in Traverse City!}, went through a lot of spinny doors.

We definitely didn’t do a lot of what we wanted. Brandon had a really difficult time on vacation, and Isabella doesn’t like to walk very much. But we saw the Museum of Natural History, Museum of American History, the Air & Space Museum, and the Botanic Gardens. We toured the White House, the Capitol, and got to see the Senate. Well, they had just took a break, and had an hour to reconvene, so we didn’t sit and wait. We had an appointment to meet with our Senator, Debbie Stabenow, but they were in session, so we met with one of her staff. We walked a lot, saw lots of beautiful Cherry Blossoms, and some great monuments.

I had hoped to update my blog throughout our trip, but had incredibly spotty wireless connection + a crappy little netbook, and not too much free time. Be sure to check out the blog that my friend Alline kept while we were there, showcasing some of the mission work we did. It’s a combination blog of our Washington DC trip, and the crew that went to the Bahamas for their mission work.

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